Microadventure #4: Laguna Sofia

After spending winter at the bottom of Chile, I never really considered that I’d be able to do a microadventure during my year there. There was no chance of it happening while I was teaching during winter, as I didn’t have any of my outdoor gear and it was a bleak place to be trying it. But then summer arrived and my travels around Chile began.

Day 3 of my trek before the “microadventure”, ready to tackle the John Garner pass.

After an actual 5-day trekking adventure in the famous Torres del Paine national park (for the 4th time…!) I’d arranged to meet up with some local rock climbing friends for the weekend. The whole mini-trip ended up feeling a lot like a traditional microadventure  as it was near my home in Chile and it involved sleeping out under the stars. 

Laguna Sofia

We spent the day rock climbing in the sunshine, paddling in the lake and drinking maté, and then for the evening we found ourselves a cave to sleep in. Our climbing spot was a 10 minute hike up a very steep hill and there was a nice cave to sleep in far away from the campervans and tents by the lake. We had no tents and no bivvies. It was so surprisingly warm that we hardly even needed the sleeping bags. Quite the contrast from what I’d come to expect from this part of the world!

We did a mix of sport and top-rope climbing

With all the rules of camping in the national parks and the concrete buildings of the city, it was so refreshing to be able to wake up and be outside. And boy what a beautiful view we had 🙂

Looking out of the cave (you can see the road below on the far left)
One of the best places I’ve woken up in.

Up the next morning and we were ready to climb straight away. The scorching sun of the previous day had gone with the sunset, and the sunrise came with a little cloud cover so rock climbing wasn’t so sweaty.

Can you see me climbing? You just need to look very carefully!

Tired of my 5-day trek and microadventure weekend, I slept for most of the journey home!


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